Banana Joe (Born: 3 May 2004) is one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. He has a some-what crazy personality early in the series. He is friends with Tobias, Gumball, and Darwin. He founded the "Pals Before Gals" group in The Pressure and later-on mocked Gumball in The GI.


Banana Joe is just a banana with black-drawn arms and legs. However, Banana Joe has the ability to take his banana peel off and put it back on.


Banana Joe used to have a some-what crazy personality early in the series, particuliarly in The Pressure. He also chopped down Molly's treehouse with Tobias in the same episode to save Gumball and Darwin from kissing Penny and Masami. Banana Joe used to dislike girls, but may have changed his perceptive on them as he was the man who was going to wed Gumball and Penny in The End. Banana Joe became a little more calm later-on, but mocked his friend Gumball in The GI. Banana Joe doesn't really seem to care about school, and would much rather focus on making jokes and playing pranks.


  • Banana Joe has parents that oddly debuted before he did.