Bobert the robert.

Bobert is one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. He s by far the smartest person in school and also probably the nicest. He is one of the many CGI animated characters on the show. Bobert usually hangs-out around the school with a few other kids. He also thought Gumball was a girl in The Dress.


Bobert is a robot and is CGI animated. He has a sound-speaker which is used to help him speak. It is shown in The Mystery that Bobert's left ear is actually a memory deleter. Despite being a robot, he can express emomtions. Even the slightest laughter can blow a gasget and make him shut down, as shown in The Mystery. He seems to be wearing black shoes. Hs voice is very inconsistent, as he speaks differently in The Mystery and The Third.


Bobert is socially akward, as shown in The Third when he hit Gumball a little too hard during a game of punchies. Bobert can also be helpful, as he cleared Gumball's name in The Mystery by playing a recording of what really happened to Principal Brown. Another example of his helpfulness was in The Party when he informed Darwin of what a date was. In The Dress, he offered to let the new girl (Gumball) copy his homework.


  • Bobert is part projector, as shown in The Mystery.
  • Despite being called a teacher's pet on his official CN bio, he doesn't really like Miss Simian at all.
  • He is shown to have a dark side, as seen in The Robot.