Carmen is one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. She returns her feeling for Alan, even though it can never be for obvious reasons. Carmen is part of the cheerleader squad formed by Molly, Penny, and possibly Teri. Carmen usually hangs-out with the other characters at Molly's Treehouse.


Carmen is a cactus that only has thorns on her head. She has black-drawn arms and legs.


Carmen is somewhat a leader amongst the girls. She usually, however, just lays low until a conversation pops-up, as seen in The Pressure.


  • It is unkown why Carmen didn't bring Alan to the treehouse in The Pressure, as they clearly return their feelings toward each other.
  • The little known about this character is in a short biography on the CN website.

Official Cartoon Network BioEdit

Carmen the cactus is a leader amongst the girls. She returns Alan's feelings even though she knows it can never be . . .