The Donut Sherriff is a character.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

  • "The Third": He appears for a brief moment, measuring Gumball's speed with his speed check.
  • "The Spoon": He visits the gas station, and arrests Nicole, thinking she was robbing it.
  • "The Laziest" (voice)
  • "The Ghost": He is attacked by Gumball (possessed by Carrie), who takes a large bite out of him.
  • "The Sock": He almost arrests Gumball and Darwin.
  • "The Car": He keeps refusing to arrest Gumball and Darwin due to their ages, and tries to calm the Robinsons, but almost gets attacked by their rage, and arrests the Robinsons for vandalism/assault.

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

  • "The Rerun": He appears in a flashback from "The Bus."
  • "The Boredom": He chases a speeding driver who turns out to be himself.
  • "The Choices": He appears in Nicole's imagination, arresting her for setting Harold's mansion on fire.
  • "The Outside": He arrests Frankie for selling pieces of the moon to senior citizens.
  • "The Ollie": He tries to stop Gumball from skateboarding in the street.
  • "The Stars":He gets two stars and does not do his job.
  • "The Diet": He tases Richard for posing with the fire hose.
  • "The Uncle": He arrests Ocho for stealing a car, but gets shot by him.
  • "The Heist": He is seen with the other police officers trying to find the criminal who robbed the bank.
  • "The Singing": Sal Left Thumb bumps into him.
  • "The Best": He arrests Carmen.
  • "The Deal": Gumball, Darwin, and Anais eat him.
  • "The Petals": He bleaches his eyes after seeing Leslie streaking.
  • "The Nuisance": He tackles Richard for indecent exposure.
  • "The News": He orders food at Joyful Burger while he is with the police. Subsequently, he is seen panting heavily from his running.

Season SixEdit

  • "The Sucker": He arrests Julius's father.
  • "The Vegging": He along with other police officers is trying to help the Wattersons.
  • "The Anybody": Larry reports a crime committed by Clayton to him, but as Clayton was disguised as Larry whilst committing the crime, the Sheriff sends the dogs after Larry instead of the true perpetrator.
  • "The Faith": He is conducting traffic, but gets hit by a car.
  • "The Shippening": He investigates what is in the Shopkeeper’s van, then chases after him. Later he tries to go up to Sarah’s room, but no avail.
  • "The Intelligence": He is the judge at Mrs. Robinson's trial when the town becomes medieval after the Internet shuts off.
  • "The Spinoffs": He breathes out his mouth.
  • "The Understanding": He almost arrests Quattro and Siciliana.
  • "[The Awareness]]": He investigates a crime scene.

Season SevenEdit