The Amazing World of Gumball 3

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There are currently two planned seasons for The Amazing World of Gumball. Eighteen episodes of season-one have been ordered by Cartoon Network, and so far only 15 episodes have been aired. At least two episodes, The Kiss and The Curse, have sneak-peeks viewable on Youtube or the Cartoon Network website. Twenty episodes of season two have also been ordered by Cartoon Network NOTE:This list is behind the listing so ignore the problems.

Season OneEdit

The DVD / The Responsible: After breaking a DVD, Gumball and Darwin try to correct their mistake without facing the consiquences. / Gumball and Darwin destroy the house while trying to take care of Anais.

The Third / The Debt: Gumball and Darwin try to find a third friend so that they will not lose their excitement. / Thinking his life has been saved, Gumball tries to repay his "debt" to his "savior," Mr. Robinson.

The End / The Dress: Gumball and Darwin think the world will end, so they try to make the best of their last day. / When Gumball is forced to wear his mom's wedding dress, he finds-out that prentending to be a girl doesn't always pay-off.

The Quest / The Spoon: When Anais loses her doll Daizy, she makes Gumball and Darwin get it back. / Gumball and Darwin unknowingly help in a robbery of the Gas Station.

The Pressure / The Painting: Gumball must quicky try to save Darwin from kissing Masami before his "Pals before Gals" group does. / The family tries to get better, while not knowing that Anais never wanted any change.

The Laziest / The Ghost: Gumball and Darwin try to challenge their father to a lazy-off. / Gumball tries to say no to Carrie when she keeps possessing his body.

The Mystery / The Prank: Gumball tries to solve a Principal Brown mystery before the whole class gets detention. / Gumball and Darwin try to prank their dad in a pranking-contest.

The GI / The Kiss: Nicole tries to save Gumball and Darwin from getting into a fad that will ruin their lives. / Gumball tries to overcome his fear of kissing Granny Jojo.

The Party / The Refund:

The Robot / The Picnic:

The Goons /  The Secret: Anais challenges Darwin and her dad to a toe wrestle. Darwin keeps a dirty secret from Gumball.

The Sock /  The Genius:

The Poltergeist /  The Mustache:

The Date /  The Club:

The Wand /  The Ape:

The Car /  The Curse:

The Microwave /  The Meddler

The Helmet /  The Fight

Season TwoEdit

The Remote / The Colossus