Jamie is one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. She is Tina's side-kick and loves to mock people, as shown in The GI. Jamie has a more soft voice that it seems, as also shown in The GI. She wll usually hang around with Tina and can been seen throughotu the school. She is one of the few girls who never hangs-out with the others at Molly's tree-house. She is tough and really doesn't seem intmidated by others


Jamie is a cross between a lion and a yak. She has blonde hair that covers some of her horns, and she wears a white shirt with brownish pants with black shoes.


Jamie loves to mock people and often is very intimidating, like Tina. She doesn't talk much except for mocking others, but her voice make her a little less intimidating. Jamie hangs around by herself, but most of the time she is seen with Tina.


  • Jamie loosly breaks the fourth wall in The GI.
  • The little known about Jamie is a short biography on the CN website.