Leslie is one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a flower who plays the flute in the school band and usually hangs-out with the girls at Molly's treehouse. He and Juke may be friends, as Leslie found Anais' doll Daisy and gave her to Juke. He is Penny's cousin, as found out in The Flower.


Leslie is a flower with pink petals, a yellow face, and green leaves. He has a blue pot which he sticks his roots through to use as legs to walk.


Leslie is a flower who likes to hang-out with the girls. He plays the flute in the school band. He is usually gentle and delicate in every situation and loves the small things in life.

  • Many people are confused on whether is a boy or girl, but he is a boy and is Penny's cousin. In one episode he is shown to be a boy because he is mistaken for Penny's boyfriend
  • The little that is known about Leslie is from his short biography on the CN site.