The Robinsons

Mr. Robinson (to the left).

Mr. Gaylord Robinson, along with his wife, Mrs. Robinson, are one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. He consders himself of an altogether different class compared to the Wattersons. He is the only one who can understand Mrs. Robinson, who only speaks in grunts. He has a son named Rocky, but they rarely meet each other. Mr. Robinson was almost killed in The Debt, but he was "saved" by Gumball. He drives a white car that may be a '67 Ford Cadilliac.


Mr. Robinson wears a work tie with a patch, though it is unknown of what the patch stands for. Mr. Robinson wears brown pants with blackish-green shoes. He resembles a muppet. It is shown in The Debt that Mr. Robinson wears an orange shirt beneath his work shirt.


Mr. Robinson is grouchy and dislikes young people, Gumball in particuliar. He prefers a quiet life with this wife, but as shown in The Debt, he also wants to have an involving life. Gumball always tries to live-up to his "role-model," but this makes him more annoying to Mr. Robinson.


  • It is unknown whether Mr. Robinson allows his son to live in his basement, or Rocky lives in a hotel.