The Robinsons

Mrs. Robinson (to the right).

Mrs. Margaret Robinson is one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. She considers herself, along with her husband, of an altogether different class compared to the Wattersons. She only speaks in undecodable grunts only understood by Mr. Robinson. She is not seen as much in the series as her husband. She has a son named Rocky, but they almost never meet.


Mrs. Robinson has mop-like hair and wears a grayish-white shirt with brownish pants and white shoes. She looks like a muppet.


It is difficult to read Mrs. Robinson's personality at times, as she only communticates in undecodable grunts and understood by her husband. But she, too, is annoyed by Gumball and wants nothing to do with him.


  • Mrs. Robinson may have grown so old that she may have lost her sense of talking.
  • Even though she looks like she has glasses, it's actually her eye sockets. It's a visual gag to have the audience think she wears glasses.