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The Responsible

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Dan Russell

Richard Watterson (b. June 4,1976) is one of the main characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the most irresponsible member of the Watterson family, and usually spends his days loafing off in the coach. Richard, as shown in The GI, used to call himself the "Cotton-Tail Cavelier." He loves his children, but usually makes them do chores for him. For example, in The Spoon, he sent Gumball and Darwin to the Gas Station at night without any adult-supervision. Richard tried to get a job in The Painting, but ended-up getting fired.

He's the real reason why the family is so poor.


Richard is a fat, pink rabbit. He has six whiskers and wears a work shirt with gray pants that sometimes dont fit. It is ironic because despite wearing work clothes, Richard is lazy and irresponsible. He looks similar to his daughter Anais.


Richard has a very lazy personality and is very irresponsible. He actually has the title as The Laziest Man in Elmore. Richard usually is lazy and relaxes, but sometimes uses his laziness to his advantage, as shown in The Laziest when he pretended to work while Gumball and Darwin celebrated beating him in a lazy contest, only to have Nicole believe he had been working all day while Gumball and Darwin were messing around, forcing him to relax and have Gumball and Darwin clean the house. Every time he has to go to work, like in The Painting, he will usually scream out "NO!" for a long period of time. Richard also tends to have the same c-shaped mouth like Darwin.


  • In The End, Richard threw money at the guard at the Super-Market, just like Gumball did with the girl in The Third.
  • Richard might have only a small amout of manners, as he sleeps at parent confrences, eats food on the floor at times, and even refuse to go to an important parent-teacher confrence.
  • Richard has a FaceBook profile put on by the CN website.

Official Cartoon Network BioEdit

Dad is a giant pink dummy rabbit. He spends most of his time at home watching TV and playing video games.