Splash Master 2

The Slash Master logo.

Splash Master is an online game of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is locatable on Cartoon Network's website and has been played by 39,965 people. The game's objective is to collect the right amount of coins to pass into the next level. The game all takes place in the backyard of Penny's house.


The player switches between Gumball and Darwin and dive into the pool while trying to collect a cetain number of coins (the coins are doubled x2 after each level) in order to pass into the next level. Overall, there are at least 375 coins in need of collecting in the game, and there are 15 levels to play. If the player fails to collect the right amount of coins, he or she will get one continue, if they wish. There are only 2 continues the player can use during the game, so be careful.


  • If you have a CN page, you will be able to collect badges from this game. If you wish to get the mystery badge Accident Prone, you must get hit by all objects in the level and lose the level as well.
  • Another playable Gumball game also availabe on Cartoon Network is Suburban Karate Master.