Teri is one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. She is a quiet, sometimes soft-spoken bear that spends most of her time in the nurses' office. She usually also hangs-out with the girls at Molly's treehouse. She may possibly be one of the cheerleaders of the cheerleader squad, as she is shown in Penny's painting in The Mystery. She may be friends with Masami as she was talking to her in The Party.


Teri is a paper bear cut-out that has a drawn face, clothes, and mostly everything else. Teri can flip her arms to reveal the back of her wrist, which shows no writing.


Teri usually spends her time in the nurses' office, although this has not been shown yet. Teri is actually a little more closer to the average teenager, as she sounds and acts like one that most other girls do in the series.


  • In one clip for an unknown episode, Teri is seen without any clothes, athough why this is so is unknown.
  • Teri may be an avid reader, as she is seen inThe Mystery reading a book, along with Juke and Carrie.